Cross Fit Aphesis

Cross Fit Aphesis

CLO Health & Fitness

Functional Human Movement Project

As the Health & Fitness division of CLO, CrossFit Aphesis will be holdingTwo (2) weekly group sessions for the community free of charge. A free 3 – 2 – 1 Go! Group Introduction Package will be available upon the commencement of the new Health & Fitness Ministry.

Session Times:

Fridays 2000 – 2100

Sundays 1200 – 1330

Sessions will be run just as any other group session however; there will be inherently more participants so we encourage you to come on time and to be prepared:

Being prepared means bringing:

· CrossFit Aphesis Waiver Form (1), Pre-Exercise Screen (2) filled in full (compulsory)

· Water Bottle

· Small Bath Sized Towel (not a face towel)

· Fully Enclosed Footwear

· Comfortable workout gear

Session Structures

· Warm-up begins at either 1605 or 1205 (we will start on time)

· Session Skill or Movement Pattern will be demonstrated and taught

· Run through of skill and participant engagement

· Workout of the Day (WOD). Will emphasise new skill

· Recovery, cool down and Stretch

There is no class size limit for these sessions however; we do encourage you to give some form of notice to our instructors before the date. Either via email, sms or telephone. In doing so, we can adequately cater for everybody’s needs and to keep ourselves under strict OH&S; guidelines.

The necessary forms can be found under “Forms” on the main menu.

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