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This Section of the Website will link you up with certain community initiatives and events we feel would benefit the individual or group. We want to interact with the community as best as possible and have provided a method for a number of groups to source funding and volunteer work. If you have any events or functions you would like to advertise for free please Contact Us and we will get back to you shortly with feedback and necessary details.

Feel free to have a browse and see if you can:

a) Help Out or Lend a Hand

b) Learn and Experience Something New

c) Tell someone about the program or event that you may think will be interested

d) Contact the Parties involved if you feel that you can help or add something valuable

Community Notices 2010

CLO 2nd Half: Health & Fitness Workshop 2010 Practical Saturday 3rd April 2pm – 6 pm

Due to information capacity and time constraints, the original workshop has been broken into two sessions. Session 2 will comprise completely of practical movements. Covering the 9 fundamental movements extensively, progression techniques, a small intro. to the Olympic lifts and WOD’s.

Come down again for a great learning experience and to have some fun!

Date: 3rd April 2010

Time: 2 Pm – 6 pm

Place: CrossFit Aphesis

Note: We will be holding seminars and workshops free of charge every 4 – 5 weeks. Covering Metabolic Conditioning, CrossFit Virtuosity, Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, Running technique & Endurance, Scaling WOD’s, Nutrition and a whole other topics! Keep checking the main page for upcoming events and workshops.

CLO Health & Fitness Workshop 2010!

Date: 20th March 2010

Time: 13:00 pm – 17:00 pm

Bring workout gear, water, bath sized towel and an eagerness to learn about the basics of human movement and nutrition. Brought through a combined Biblical and CrossFit perspective. Workshop will cover virtupsity, the definitions of fitness, nutritional guidelines, practical movements and a WOD.

Please confirm your spot by Wednesday 17th March 2010!

michael@crossfitaphesis.com.au                     0416 511 723

Calvary Life Outreach Location Change

  • Come and visit us for the opening of our new building on ……………………. at …………. Bring family and friends.
  • Address: Y2A
  • Time: Y2A

CrossFit Aphesis Grand Opening

  • Join us in the unveiling of CLO’s newest project; The Health and Fitness Department” CrossFit Aphesis”
  • Opening Date and time will be specified closer to the day.
  • Bring Family, friends, workout buddies, towel and a BIG bottle of water.
  • Call or email Michael on: 0416 511 722 e: michael@crossfitaphesis.com.au for any further information
  • We look forward to seeing you there!

2010 Youth Health & Fitness Project

  • A new initiatve available to Youth living in the Campbelltown LGA and surrounds
  • Free Health & Fitness Program run at: 2 Angourie Place Bow Bowing 2566
  • Bring a towel, bottle of water and be ready to learn about moving the body!
  • For appointments please email Michael at: michael@crossfitaphesis.com.au
  • We will be moving into a much larger facility in a couple of months so for those who are already a part of the program, spread the word!

Youth At the Gardens

  • Youth has resumed!
  • For details on the address please contact Michael on 0416 511 723
  • Bring an appetite, a small shovel and an eagerness to learn about Sowing and Reaping
  • We will be meeting at 6:00 pm sharp!

 Grant & Community Links

Here are some links that will give you some insight, information and potential initiatives that could benefit the community as a whole.

Access the Government Funding and Grants for Non-Profit Organisation

A Not for Profit organisation formed to benefit the direct residents of Minto (Campbelltown LGA)

Working Together in Minto (WTIM)

Campbelltown Council for Demographics and Statistics