CrossFit Aphesis: Who we are & What we do

CrossFit Aphesis is the Health & Fitness Ministry for “Calvary Life Outreach” a not for profit, non political, non denominational organisation devoted to serving the needs of the local community. Established in December 2005 the organisation has developed a number of ministries that provide opportunity for the Youth, the general public, the financially challenged, homeless and the needy.

Each ministry is centered on the organisations’ mission statement:

“Loving God, Loving People, Living for Christ.”

CrossFit Aphesis is an affiliate of CrossFit Incorporated, established to provide the community with a sustainable resource to fully engage and participate in the concepts of Functional Human Movement. The “Health & Fitness Ministry” began its work on a local football ground during a Sunday morning. As demand grew and more and more people began to participate, a need for a facility and ministry was born.

CrossFit Aphesis derived its name from the Greek word “Aphesis”. Translations include: “Freedom, Liberty, Unbound, release from bondage, forgiveness or pardon of sins, deliverance and release. As Christ paid with His life for all, we are free to live life to its fullest, unbound and free. The principles and protocols which are practiced by CrossFit around the world demonstrate the freedom that God has given us, in this instance; the freedom to move. To choose how to move, when to move and why to move. It is this concept that the affiliation was forged.

CFA will operate in the same manner as other affiliates in Australia with a keen focus on community development in the area of Functional Human Movement and Health & Fitness. Check under CLO Health & Fitness for our open / free sessions during the week and on Sunday Mornings