Seen some equipment that you like or would like to get your hands on? Here at CFA we have established important links with a number of Australian and International equipment suppliers. As a CrossFit community, our aim is to better the people and affiliates locally and nationally. Our prices have little or no mark up with the only addition of shipping rates.

We understand that there are inherent issues of “what you pay for is what you get” so if you are unsure of what some products are worth or good for even. We will be happy to have a chat with you to discuss the best options. Whether you are looking to fit out a garage gym, a 5 star affiliate with all the trimmings or a low budget DIY Box we will cater and source all the best CrossFit equipment for you.

Some of the main equipment we source include; dynamax replica balls, men’s and Women’s Oly Bars with Needle bearings & made to IWF specs., a large assortment of bumpers, C2 Rowers, GHD’s, Sandbags, Aussie Powerbands, Kettlebells, rings and chalk.

Please “Contact Us” for a copy of our equipment pricelist.

Ordering Process:

Please “contact Us” or email us at for a quote and we will send you an invoice via email. Funds can be transferred directly into our account.

Once payment has been received, your goods will be sent off. (We will give you an estimated time of arrival in the invoice)

Below is a list of all the equipment all CrossFitters and Affiliates should have! Please note that we will be consistently adding new gear as we establish new relationships!

Aussie Power Bands

Contains 2 bands per set

Great for obtaining maximum resistance through a greater range of motion with squats, deadlifts, rows, military and bench presses. Also wonderfully effective for stretching muscles and tractioning joints.
Train like the best do, and do not get left behind…

$75 Green 2m Agility Band

$40 Super Mini Yellow Powerband, $25 for One

$50 Mini Orange Powerband, $35 for One

$60 Small Red Powerband $45 for One

$70 Medium Blue Powerband, $55 for One

$80 Large Purple Powerband $65 for One

$90 Monster Black Powerband, $75 for One

Aussie Kettlebells

Classic Smooth Finish – All weights from 4kg – 64kg

Please ask for pricelist

Prograde Smooth Finish – All weights from 8kg – 48kg

Please ask for pricelist

Black & Colour Rubber Economy Bumpers (Great value for money)

Full Colour Set Available NOW!!!!!!

10kg = $65, 15kg = $80, 20kg = $90, 25kg = $100

Power Rings


Power Bags / Training Sand Bag


Gymboss Interval Timer


Rubber Flooring

$35 a piece

1m x 1m Square, beveled tiles 15mm Thick

Cost effective and clean, no need for glue or installation

12 – 13kg per piece

Concept 2 Model D Rower


A must have for any serious CrossFitter. Training across broad model domains is paramount


Size L 242cm x W 61cm x H 105cm

Weight 26 Kg

User Capacity 227 Kg

Power Source Internal battery back up with power generation during use

Colour Light Metallic grey finish with dark blue-grey accents

Warranty 2 years

Aqua Bags

Bullet – $140

20 Kg Capacity!

Slug – $165

30 Kg Capacity!

Set of 3 Plyometric Boxes


• Height – 12″ • Height – 18″
• Size of Top – 13″ x 13″ • Size of Top – 14.5″ x 14.5″
• Size of Base – 17″ x 17″ • Size of Base – 20″ x 20″
• Weight – 16 lbs. • Weight – 21 lbs.

• Height – 24″ Features include:
• Size of Top – 16″ x 16″
• Size of Base – 22.8″ x 22.8″ Non slip surface
• Weight – 25 lbs. Strong durable construction – made from steel
Stackable for easy storage
Wide base for stability
Multiple heights for adding or reducing difficulty

Dynamax Replica Medicine Balls

Medicine balls made with the same materials and dimensions as Dynamax
Please Contact Us for a quote as there is a minimum order for this product
We can get sizes from: 8Lb, 10Lb, 12Lb, 14Lb, 16Lb, 18Lb, 20Lb